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Citizen Complaints
Today is: Friday, May 22, 2015

Department Accountability as it applies to YOU the resident/citizen

 THE CONCEPT: There are rare times when a citizen feels that they have not been treated fairly, the job didn't live up to their expectations, or they plainly did not like the demeanor of the officer providing the service.   We ask that you keep in mind that the problem could be a mere lack of knowledge of police actions or ill communications by one or both parties. It is our goal to try and give clarity regarding OUR role as the provider, and YOURS as the affected person and ultimately bring your complaint to a fair and impartial disposition.

Not only is it our goal to continue to seek improvement in the service that Paulsboro PD provides, we are also bound by the New Jersey Law Enforcement Guidelines to provide Department and officer accountably through the Internal Affairs process.

HOW TO FOWARD A COMPLAINT: The duty Sergeant [shift supervisor] is the first place to seek resolution of a complaint you may have regarding personnel and procedures.

Ask any officer present for the name of the duty supervisor.  It is recommended that your complaint is expressed after the event is over.  

Further it is recommended that the complaint be received at the police station for a more controlled environment.    Please be mindful that the officers could be busy right after an incident and your patience will be appreciated.    The importance of this is to avoid any perception of interference and to allow more attention to detail.

You are reminded that you can foward your complaint to us at any time.   It is recomended that it be done as close in time to the incident as possible.  

COMMENDATION: The same concept may be held for any citizen who wishes to commend officer(s) for a job well done or just pass on a curtious gesture of thanks.  You may utilize the method above or send us an e-mail, fax or letter.   

Our inside business phone number is (856) 423-1101




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